We at unique trades,Have developed an algorithm based open interest calculation system.through which we are able to provide accurate and efficient levels in both nifty and bank nifty option.In the context of the year 2021 and 2022.Where most of the trading ,By retail investors have shifted to nifty and bank nifty options.Our unique strategy,Not only makes good money for a clientBut also saves a lot of money.Because of a strategically placed job losses.

Unique Trades company was formed in the year 2015 by two person having combined experience of more than 40 years in equity stock and commodity market having worked closely with multi commodity exchange(MCX) members, Our founder members were responsible for launch of many contract during the initial years of MCX .Our team members have rich experience in algo trading and software business and we have developed are own softwares so that we are able to provide accurate levels Nifty and Bank Nifty options.

Post 2019-2020 trading in options have changed, the way we work and make money more than 40% of all Demat account have been opened in last 3 years with majority of traders focusing on index option to make money. unique trades focuses only on options of nifty and Bank Nifty to achieve high level of accuracy for its clients.

Our Services

Unique Trades Does not have any complicated Bouquet of services, Our single-minded focus is to generate profit from trading for clients and we take pride in ourselves that we don't charge anything upfront there is no registration or any service charge . We make sure that our client make most money on their trades on intra Day n holding basis and we charge a very small percentage after profit. The Other services we offer is a commitment on sharing basis where a atrader can pay a small amount for a commitment points in nifty and Bank Nifty option over a period of few days

We provide single target and stoploss for all our trades

Want to make 6000 to 8000 daily.
You want accurate calls in nifty and Bank Nifty options on intraday basis
Share your number and we will tell you how you can make good money with minimum risk as Unique Trades offers only algorithm based open interest calculated calls on Nifty and Bank Nifty on intraday and holding basis
Average capital is required between 25000 to 30000 To trade Nifty and Bank Nifty options

● We provide daily Nifty and Bank nifty option tips with single target
● SEBI Registered Individual Research Analyst.
● No partial profit booking. Single Entry and single exit.
● We are providing 100% intraday nifty tips and there will be no positional holdings In Intraday Call put option tips.
● In 95% of cases, we give only 1 tip per day in each segment.
● Our Calls are given on wats app and through phone
● Traders will get a minimum of 5 mins to enter and 5 mins to exit from our intraday option tips.
● We provide you both entry & exit messages ( Either for target Or Stop-loss ).
● Our Average success rate is 85-90% on a monthly basis.
● Average capital required Rs 25,000 to 35000 - to trade in Index Options
● 100% genuine intraday recommendations with 100% transparency.
● Every day we update our actual performance of every segment irrespective of profit or loss.
● Only we are the Company that is Focused in nifty and Bank Nifty Option buying.
● Our Services are design in a manner to benefit as small trader to the maximum gain. as we are fully focus and option of nifty and Bank Nifty can enjoy high accuracy calls without any big risk.
● Daily 1 call in bank nifty option and 1 call in nifty option and 1 call in stock option.

NIfty Options

We give intraday calls in Nifty options for every target of 80 points with SL of 40 points with 87% accuracy. We provide 2 to 3 calls and one holding btst call as per traders request.

Bank nifty Options

We provide Bank Nifty intraday calls without any charges charges is only after profit only have to pay us after making money not a penny from your pocket we give an average 140 points call in Bank Nifty option on intraday basis with an average of 65 points SL in Bank Nifty our accuracy is the around 85%.

Daily Performance


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Privacy Policy

1. Trade Authorization and Communication Consent By filling and submitting the form provided by Unique Trades, the customer acknowledges and agrees to authorize Unique Trades and its authorized agents to contact them via telephone or any other provided contact information to discuss and facilitate trade-related activities.

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